Friday, December 18, 2009

Strickland Candy House

This is our second year to put together this type of house.
Thanks to the tea
chings and wisdom from our great aunt Anne. She has been making these houses for years! I have to say, we enjoy making these so much better than the gingerbread houses.

We'd like to share with you how to make these houses.
At Halloween, start saving your candy and buying a little at a time all the way up to Christmas. Also start gathering these supplies.

Lots of card board boxes
Box cutter knife
Clear Packing Tape
Graham Crackers
Pretzel sticks
Lots of Candy
Confectioners Sugar
Meringue powder
Cream of Tarter

*Start cutting your house out. You can make all kinds of houses. This year, our daddy made a replica of THE STRICKLAND HOUSE. Take together the edges and corners for stability. When the house is taped together, tape it to a cardboard base.

Make up your icing.
2 Pounds powdered sugar
6 Tablespoons of meringue powder
1 Teaspoon Cream of Tarter
1/2 cup water
In large beater bowl, mix meringue powder with water. Beat until it peaks. Add the powdered sugar and beat until light and fluffy, adding up to 1/2 cup more for desired stiffness.

*Once the house put together and on a base, start covering the house with icing, then placing graham crackers over the icing. Place the pretzel sticks in between the crackers. This gives it an overall gingerbread look. We cut the crackers in shapes to fit in corners and such.

Once you have the house covered, brainstorm how you want to decorate the house. Get all your candy out on a dish. Then start decorating away!!

We enjoy making snowmen,


windows, bushes, walkways, doors, wreaths, etc.

We also
use the last of our icing to make snow on the roof and do make any signs. This year our house says MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Its always the highlight to put a Santa and Reindeer to put on top of the roof too.

We will keep the house on display until we meet up with family. We will then start picking and eating off it. Not only fun- but delicious!!


carlisle clan conversation... said...

How fun & SO creative!

Penelope said...

I LOVE the house!!! I can't wait to this with the kiddos once they are a bit older. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thanks for the info. Have a great Christmas and be asafe on the road. Poppaw