Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Christmas tree....

We LOVE having our Christmas tree up this time of year!

It's not only the blinking lights and shiny-ness that enchants us, or even the yummyness of the candy canes or the delight of whats choo-chooing around it at the bottom.

What captivates us the most about our tree is the heritage an
d the symbolism that it all stands for. .

The tree is a beautiful reminder of why Jesus was born in the fisrt place- to die for you and me. (1 Peter 2:24) We can recieve the eternal life represented by the evergreen boughs of a Christmas tree.

On top of that great illustration, the tree also reveals God's GRACE
in our personal lives.

See these two precious faces in these ornaments? It's a testimony of His goodness that somehow these two were brought together.

And out of that love and commitment came more sweet faces.

These handmade ornaments refelect the ages and stages of our kiddos and our lives as a family over the years. They bring back the memories of the good seasons and the trials we shared.

As we reflect on these things, we are overwhelmed and filled with wonder. To see His hand in our lives from the very beginning. He has prospered us and given us a hope and a future.


Penelope said...

Love all of the pictures on the tree! What a wonderful season to share such a sweet post! Jesus is the reason for the season indeed!!!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

so precious! love you friend!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Sweet post- you are so wise:)