Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Loving Memory

A few days ago marked the anniversary of a very special person's birthday. Cindy, who was Joel's beautiful mother went to be with Jesus in 1988. She has been gone for 24 years now.

I find it amazing how I personally never knew this woman, but yet I miss her so deeply. I know so many others who knew her and loved her and miss her deeply as well. She was a very special woman who was greatly loved and loved greatly!

We6Stricklands took some time to reflect her life and her heritage, we concluded that within her death, there was so much life. How does life come from death?

Well, we know Cindy now has an everlasting life in Heaven with her Savior. We know she is pain free with a new body and that she looks down on us with joy.  

We are in awe of  God's goodness as He sprouted new life in Joel's family with his step mother- affectionately know by all her grandchildren as "Granny". I would love to write about her story and how the Lord united her to "mother" this family. God is so good.

We also see her still living on in our lives. Her values are being carried on through her children. I know there are so many things that she had sown in to my dear husband's heart that he will always treasure. These values are being carried onto our children and our children's children.

We also see her genetics living on! We chose to make the collage above out of these particular pictures because we see our family in them. If you know our family, look at the resemblances. Our daughters K&E wanted to add these pictures in. 

Her namesake is even being carried on- our sweet niece is named after her. There are more things to mention about Cindy's legacy, I'm sure Joel's family could even write a book!

We concluded that Cindy's time here on earth was surely a gift. Truly a gift of life that just keeps on giving. 

Happy Birthday Cindy! You are greatly loved and missed!

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Mandy said...

beautiful post for a beautiful woman!