Saturday, September 1, 2012


Man oh man! This is a screenshot of my iCalendar. 
August was busy but September is gonna be busier! I will be thankful for this season of busyness- for everything we are doing- we have been called to.

I love September because it ushers in fall. It is the month of new academic beginnings with our homeschooling- there is so much hope and excitement.  This is also the month that we celebrate our wedding anniversary. 15 Years this month! (Watch for some special edition XV posts coming!)

I know September is also marked by tragedy. I remember 15 years ago hearing the news of Princess Diana's death. It was a sad loss. This month also marks the anniversary of the devastating 9-11 attacks. It forever changed our country.

As I pray over this month, I do so with gratitude, with heartache, with reverence, and with anticipation for the new season.  
He is good..all the time...and even in September.

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