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The 40 Day Fast: Day 39

Wow, it has been an amazing 39 days hasn't it? I can not put into words the depths this 40 day fast has taken me to. All the organizations mentioned are absolutely wonderful. I also appreciate how we touched on the local church, and what a "cup of cold water" looks like in this day. I hope you all see what I see: A difference being made. True, its still not enough, but its definitely a step in that direction.

I want you to understand that everything we share today comes from our hearts, which have been broken by the precious Dalit people. We are not sharing this out of pride or judgement, but out of hope and love. All pictures you see here were taken from various team members including myself and my husband.

The word 'Dalit' comes from the Indo-Aryan
root dal, and means 'held under check', 'suppressed', or 'crushed', or, in a looser sense, 'oppressed'. Read more about India's Caste system here.


(A hello/goodbye
greeting to

one another
in Hindi)

Today, me and my family will be fasting the comforts that the women and children of Madipur and Trilok Puri in India dont have the luxury of enjoying.

As you may have read before on this site, last Christmas my husband and I (6 months pregnant) took our three children to New Delhi India to serve alongside some amazing people.

I remember having anxiety beforehand
that we would somehow lose our lives or health by going to India. I had many advice on not to touch the people, and not let our kids play among the Dalits, or to eat their food and water, or go in their homes. People thought we were crazy to go. And they were right. We were crazy. Crazy in love with Jesus who has called us to go to the places no one else will go and bring hope. And we went, and will be forever changed.

One organization we choose to highlight is GLOBAL SPECTRUM. (Which I am sad to say there is no fancy website for this organization.) This is a nonprofit company that has several facets but its purpose is to share the gospel in culturally relevant ways in order to see people come to Jesus and for a church planting movement to begin in various areas, to raise leaders, to invest in the future through education, social issues, literature (bibles, other publications) and distribution. Global Spectrum was also able to assist in the formation of an orphanage down in the very tip of India where the tsunami hit.

The people who are apart of GS work among the Dalits in 3 places: Madipur, Trilok Puri and Dakshin Puri. My family and our team had the opportunity to spend time serving Madipur and Trilok Puri. These people were precious. Very kind and giving. Of course I touched them, and sat with them in their homes, our children played together, and we (prayerfully and discernfully) accepted the food and tea the offered us in love.

In Trilok Puri we worked at a make shift school. These kids do not have the opportunity to go to school. So a woman in this village decided to start one. The pictures below are us with the teachers and some of the children attending the school-their ages range from 3 to 14.

We were able to spend alot of time with the people of Madipur. On Christmas, they came over and we celebrated and shared the story of Jesus birth. We later got to do Bible studies and sit and pray with the women. Also below is a picture of their homes.

There is much to be done for the Dalit people. GS has so many things happening. Linda Wolfe gave me a list of some needs. Posted below.
"We have several young men that I would like to see someone "adopt", meaning take a personal interest in their development thru prayer, giving and maybe visiting."
~One guy, Ankush, is 17, lives in a hotel and is studying computers. he's sincere, no mom. his auntie, Reeta, from the school in Trilok Puri, has and is raising him on her meager funds.
~Amar, daizy's "son" that she took off the streets, 23 years, no parents, a street boy until 2 years ago, is now studying english. He's worth investing in.
~Emmanuel is 20, he's taking driver training so he can get a job. He never finished school, only to 9th standard. He's sharp, very responsive to God and wants to learn ministry. He hangs around with us all the time. He's worth investing in.
~Shivani is a 7 year old that I helped place in the orphanage. She was an out of wedlock child (a big no, no here). No one wants her. Her mother has married and the man does not want her in the house. She is so vulnerable to sexual attack and abuse. Literally no one wants her and she is so sweet and so beautiful, it was traumatic leaving her there, but I know it will be best for her.
~That orphanage needs sponsors, and a new facility. It is called grace home.
~Sushila's boys want to study computers but have no money to do so.
"The needs are overwhelming but God is doing something big and beautiful."

If you are interested in the work of GS or would like to give in anyway please send inquiries to
1122 Dover Street
Glendora, CA 91749

There is a song thats important to our family, it sort of sums this all up, by Caedmon's Call. As you may or may not know, they got to experience India too, and made an album called 'Share The Well'. The song is called 'Wings of The Morning'. Off their website they posted this about this song "Bhangra music and dancing is huge in India. It's in all the movies, on the radio, and I wanted to write something that had that type of feel. Lyrically, this song is based on what I think is the greatest line in all songwriting, and David wrote it in the Psalms: "If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I make my bed in the depths, even there Your hand will find me, Your right hand will hold me fast." This song is about the hope that springs from that beautiful promise."
You can litsen to this song here
Wings of the Morning

There is HOPE rising in India.

Please join me and pray for India today.

Also, if you have time, I'd like to share one more thing. Click here.


kat's mom said...

That was an incredible post! I will be praying for you and India today!

erin said...

Ever since Share the Well came out I have been concerned for the Dalits. Thank you for sharing your experience and highlighting an organization that's doing something to combat this social injustice!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Excellent post. Truly enjoyed and appreciated the pictures! Thank you.

Praying with you and for you today.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and love for the Dalit people. Those pictures were captivating.