Sunday, July 22, 2007


We worked so hard to make sure Dylan had a
super 2nd birthday, we had a Train Party!

Daddy built the train table.

Mommy made a yummy train cake!

And lots of people came!

We had lots of fun! What wonderful presents!


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kathy Strickland said...

What an awesome party! Everyone seem to enjoy themselves. The cousins had a good time with each other for sure!

Tressa and Joel,you did a great job ad it was greatly appreciated by all who attended: especially the little ones who had a great time on the "John Deere Express"

Becca said...

Great party! We had tons of fun, you guys did a great job! We are so glad Dylan had such a happy birthday :)

Crystal said...

I stand in awe of your creativity. We bow down to the master party planner.