Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TERRIFIC (terrible?) TWOS

Dylan is now entering into his "2's" Im not sure if we should call them the "terrific" or "terrible" twos. Because we are certainly experiencing a little of both.



A great helper, very smart, a good big brother, loves life!
Can swim on his own, loves crafts, can sleep in his own bed.


Tantrums, trouble with sharing, getting into things,
messes-messes, having a hard time loving others.

The "terrifics" outweigh the "terribles", so I think we will call this next year the TERRIFIC TWOS!
Whenever you think of the number two, or of cute little boys, or of our family, please pray for Dylan and all the terrifics and terribles!


Crystal said...

I'm with you on the Terrific Twos. I think our twos has gone on into the Threes.
I wish you had gotten a picture of the hair-pulling. He is so sweet when he does it. At least he doesn't bite like my princess.

Becca said...

gotta love the twos. i agree with crystal, i wish you would have gotten a picture of the hair pulling, that way when Will is taking his turn we can show him. Dylan is such a sweet boy, we love him so much, in all of his terrifics and terribles. the terrifics are definitely winning by a long shot. WE LOVE YOU DYLAN!

kathy Strickland said...

"This too shall pass." Then you get to enter into a new phase that has its "opportunities" to stretch Mommy and Daddy.

Just us it as an exercise to pray and realize we are often this way in our Father's eyes also