Saturday, July 28, 2007

A day worth celebrating!

Today Taylor and I took Dylan to the Mayborn Museum for his birthday! (We're glad we now have a membership, we are gonna wear that place out!) We played with our friends there and had lunch together. It has been a great day so far!

Stuck in a big bubble and b
eating on the drums like an Indian!

Here is Dylan giving Taylor a ride.

Making some music and driving a bus!


Becca said...

Looks like SO much fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!!!

kathy Strickland said...

What a special day!! Dylan looked like he was having big fun with brother Taylor.

steven.russell said...

this isn't this related...but i am asking all the people associated with the 40 day fast to post shaun's blog today in trying to help his friend.


Crystal said...

Who are those really cute children in the bus? Their momma must be so proud.