Thursday, November 1, 2007

Becca, this post is for you.

Today, I was shopping at Mardel. A very peaceful shopping trip with the boys.

Until we get to the check out and then it became a nightmare.

Taylor was buckled in the cart during our spree, and Dylan walked along side of me. At the checkout Dylan tryed to climb up the side of the cart. Which made the cart fall sideways on top of Dylan with Taylor hitting his head and hanging sideways in the cart. I was able to grab the cart, and ease the fall to the ground.

IT WAS HORRIBLE! The cashier screamed, the manager ran from the back of the store, customers ran forward. The entire store stopped.

I had two screaming boys-thank God I have two shoulders for them to cry on. I held them both until they calmed down.

THEN the manager tells me we need to fill out an incident report. AHHHH! The manager and the cashier-both jumpy- worked together to finish checking me out.

Everyone at Mardel was very nice and helpful. BUT what a hectic, sweaty, uncomfortable moment I hope to never have again. Unfortunately, with two boys, you just never know!!!


Becca said...

oh the joys of boys. i hope that it doesn't happen again too, but unfortunately, with two boys it's bound to happen many, many more times. it's a good thing they have a wonderful mommy to calm them and dry their tears. thanks for sharing, it makes us other mommies of boys feel better about our mishaps :)

kathy Strickland said...

So you too have joined the Order of Eternal Scrapes, Bruises and Stitches for Boys!

Can you imagine what it will be like when Joseph,David,Will,Dylan and Taylor start playing touch football in the yard at Granny's house?

I'll keep plenty of bandages and band aids!

Crystal said...

I have to say that I am proud of the Mardels staff. We had a similar incident happen at Wal-Mart and received NO help. Caitlin was still in a carrier and the employees stood there and looked at me trying to take care of my two children.

Gaven has knocked over an entire shelf of angels (breaking a few) at Mardels. They were so wonderful and said not to worry about it. He was being good but accidently ran into the shelf while he was holding my hand. So somewhere in all this I am an accomplice.

All this to say that staff at Mardel's is great.

Tressa said...

Yeah, you are right, I think I might call this morning just to show my appreciation for the staff and how the reacted to this situation.

Becca said...

it really is great how well they responded. olive garden was the same way during our resent mishap. they all just ewwwed and awwwed over him and babied him and they actually called they next day to see if he was okay. it was really sweet.