Sunday, November 25, 2007


We would
like to
the departure
of the pacifier
(AKA: "passy")
from the
Strickland home!

We have not seen "passy" since last week. Although we ponder where it is every night before bed. Now its time to move on to other adventures and milestones--like potty training!


kathy Strickland said...

Bless Dylan's heart.."Passy" was a great friend to him at bedtime and stress times. But he is growing up and meeting new stages in his life.

I am sure he will find a new "My" (favor thing) to replace "passy" that will reflect his maturing and new intrest.

It just means I have to face that he is not a toddler any more and that he is a wonderful little boy full of imagination, energy and joy!

Tricia said...

Woo-hoo! Gotta love not having to get up in the night to find paccy under a lot of covers! Good luck with the potty training, always an adventure. I'm sure you've got it down to a science by now, but I do recommend the method I used with Addi. So successful with these little perfectionists.

Crystal said...

Wow that is a big step. Does he ask for Taylor's?

Becca said...

YEAH BIG BOY DYLAN! You are growng into such a strong boy, we are so proud of you!