Sunday, November 18, 2007


Oh my goodness, we are so thankful for so many things. We have much to be thankful for. Tonight we all pondered what we're thankful for. I listed a few here.

Joel is thankful for Jesus, a beautiful wife, Kayla, Emily, Dylan and Taylor, all our family and friends, my house, I have all my body parts, two running cars, milk and cereal.

Tressa is thankful for a graceful God whose purposes and plans exceed my own. A wonderful husband, beautiful children and so thankful we are all healthy! Im also so grateful for my our family and dear friends who love us and have walked along us in our many seasons. My home, my van, my life experiences. And lastly Im thankful-especially at 5 in the morning, for coffee and creamer!!

Kayla is thankful for my dad and mom, sister and brothers, and all the rest of my family, my friends, and my house, my teacher Mrs. Metz, bike riding with my family, and most of all Im thankful for God and the way He made me and He sent Jesus to die on the cross for me.

Emily is thankful for my parents, my sister and brothers, and all my other family, my friends, my teacher Mrs. Hicks and her two babies in her belly, math, spelling tests, cute clothes, God and Jesus, my house, Webkinz, Nintendo, and dominos.

(with help)is thankful for daddy, paci's, JOY, trains, tractors, big sisters and a little brother, Nathan, Will, and Ryan.

(with help) is thankful for milk, mommy, big sisters, clean diapers, applesauce, JOY, and my bouncer.

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kathy Strickland said...

What a blessing to have a thankful family!!

God has made each of you special gifts to us all. You were given talents and giftings that add so much to our tribe and this world.

Each of you are precious and greatly loved!