Saturday, November 3, 2007


K ind
A ffectionate
Y outhful
L oving
A uthentic

These are a few things that describe our beautiful eight year old Kayla. We are so blessed to have her in our family as our BIG sister.
She helps with her brothers and likes it too!
She loves God and is a prayer warrior.
She loves to cook homemade brownies and snickerdoodles-and they really taste amazing!
She is so smart at school and very creative in writing.
She is a caring friend and is always faithful.

She loves her family dearly, and her family loves her the same!

Leave Kayla an encouragement if you'd like. Please also pray that God would continue to strengthen her and mold her into a beautiful young woman!


Becca said...

We love you so much. You are such a good cousin and a wonderful friend. We are so blessed to be able to watch you grow into such amazing woman of God. We love you.

Uncle Brian, Aunt Becca, Jo, David, and Will <3

kathy Strickland said...

You are an amazing gift from God's heart to our family!!
God has a plan for you and all of the gifts and talents He has given to you. He gave you a very determined spirit before you were born and that is what you are so strong. He knew that you would make a difference in so many lives.
It was not by accident that you were created. God planned your birth perfectly so that you might be a living witness of His great love!
You are special to Papa and me...we love you so very much!

Mandy said...

You are truly beautiful on the inside and out! What a picture of God's heart you are! God has amade you his hands and feet with your gift of nurturing and I pray He continues to mold and shape you as you grow.


Crystal said...


You are such a beautiful girl. I love that you can play with girls your age or rowdy three year old boys. I thank you for the love you have shown our family.

Crystal, Gaven, and Caitlin