Friday, April 24, 2009


We are always calling Emily "emmy-licious" because she has always been so adorable- we could just eat her up she is so delicious!!

Today we celebrate Emily's NINTH birthday! My goodness- nine? Seriously?

Anyway! Emily loves strawberries, so we took her to our first annual "Strawlicious Adventure". (Stra
wlicious-A word made up by Emily) We went to a strawberry patch and picked as many strawberries as we could. Nana joined us and helped pick the best berries. She is a good helper- in more ways that one ;)

On our way home, I asked Emily how many strawberries she had eaten, and she said "oh, at least 20". I love that girl! We all love this gir

We plan to continue eating our 10 pounds of strawberries in honor of Emily's birthday. (Strawberry muffins, strawberry smoothies, strawberry pancakes, strawberry lemonade, and strawberry cake.)

Emily loves birthdays, and is so excited today is her actual birthday she was the first to wake up!

If you'd like to send her a birthday greeting, send it to the6stricklandsATgmailDOTcom .


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