Monday, April 20, 2009

Recycle: A no brainer!!

In honor of Earth Day this week, we wanted to post some ways we are taking action to help take care of our earth.

I thought I would start off with posting about recycling. It appears to be the easiest way we can help our environment in a major way!

Our family can produce SO much waste. There were times we would have our large trash bin overflowing with trash... several days before the trash pickup! We almost got another trash bin!

But instead, last year, we brought home a free big recycle bin provided by the city. Its the same size as our normal trash bin. It took a while to train ourselves to put aside recycled items. But in a few months, we were filling up the recycle bin and our trash wouldn't overflow anymore.

Things that can be recycled in our bins:

We have reduced at least a third of our trash by recycling. Can you imagine, if everyone reduced a third of their waste- the opportunties of recycling, and landfill space saved? It would make a difference, and I believe our family is now making a difference by making these changes to our waste.

This is how we recycle.

We have a recycle can next to our trash- so when its time to dispose of the item- we either trash it or recycle it. (Or composte it- but we will share more on that later)

Then, when the bin is full- we carry it out to the large recycle bin outside. Every Friday, with our normal trash- we set out both bins to get emptied.

It REALLY isnt hard to do this. It just takes a little training and effort. If you feel guilty about not recycling- you should! Its too easy not to do. If you live in my town or one like it- that provides buckets and pickup service---there is no good excuse not to recycle.

Also, try to buy recycled products. This week, in honor of Earth day, you will see recycled and earth friendly products on sale. We like to buy recycled printer paper for homeschool.

Again, we want to share this week about ways to help take care of our earth. This is the future home of my childrens children(unless Jesus comes back)- I want to make sure Im doing all that I can to preserve this place we call home!!

To find out how you can recycle in your town, call your local city services and see if they have any bins, or pickup recycled goods or have any drop offs locations available.

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