Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In honor of Earth Day this week, we wanted to post some ways we are taking action to help take care of our earth.

Just wanted to share a few ways we have chosen to restore. I love restoring old things into new. Furniture especially! And of course! This helps our environment!!

There have been a few toys that we decided to restore- to keep them fresh for the boys.

One toy was those big plastic cars the kiddos can ride in. Dylan had his since he was one. Taylor got a new one last year, and the boys fought over the new one. So I made his new with some paint. It became the "race car"! Now, they have their own special cars!

This other toy had sentimental value. It was Joel's when he was a little boy. He refurbished it into new. Our boys LOVE to play with this tractor- no new tractor could have been loved better!

Is there anything you have in your home that you dont neccesarily need to replace- but maybe can make it new again? A table, a toy, a Its amazing how much you'll love it more the second time around!

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bri said...

I wanted to paint our boy's second hand car too but have seen that painted ones start peeling off... what can you use so that doesn't happen?

great ideas!