Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"My Legacy I Leave To You"

There is a lady the6Stricklands have grown to love.....we call her "Nanny-Sue", but her real name is Suzanne.

She lives in the retirement facility just down the road from our house. Her husband is strategically living in the nursing home on the other side of our road. All within walking distance.

Fate had it that we met, and have had an ongoing relationship for almost 2 1/2 years. Nanny Sue will stop by our house frequently, and there are times we will stop by her house. We exchange gifts, hugs, and lots of love. This lady is at least triple my age and Im sure she can out walk me! She will walk to see her husband, and walk to see us. She is incredible!

She is also a witty woman, full of jokes and humor. She has always impressed me by frequently quoting some of her poems. She recently dropped off a copy of her book called "My Legacy I Leave To You". I just love these poems and writings, especially coming from Nanny Sue.

She gave me permission to share these poems with whomever I chose, and I'd like to share at least one for today on our site.

This poem is also the title of the book, its called "My Legacy I Leave To You" by Suzanne.

I have no riches or large estate
Which I can leave to you.
No plane to fly or yacht to sail
Upon the ocean blue.

There are those who think this important
And strive these goals to achieve,
For they feel it is their duty-
Great wealth to their loved ones leave.

None of these things have I
To give to you, my child;
But the gift that I do leave
Is far better and more worthwhile:

For it is the truthfulness
Of the teachings of our Lord,
With the promise of Eternal Life
When lived to the best of your accord.

This poem is under the copyright of Suzanne, if you would like to copy this poem,
please comment below with your email and I will seek permission.

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