Sunday, April 6, 2008

An April Update!!

My oh my where has the time gone to? Spring has sprung and we have been busy as bees buuzzin' all over! Here are a few highlights.

I'll start with Kayla. This girl can bounce higher than anyone I know! She is such an amazing big sister. And won for the 3rd time this year an ART award! Woo-hoo!

I'll skip down to Dylan. He has been a busy boy! We bought new sand for the sandbox. Did you know sand comes in colors nowadays? We chose blue and Dylan cant stay out of it! I find lots of blue sand all over the house, and in his underwear!

I also keep finding Dylan on the top of our stairs, only he's on the outside of the stair rail. Dangerous, scary, and funny all at once! Recently, in the car, I made a sharp turn and Dylan said "Eaassy mommy!"

Emily will be 8 on the 24th! She is excited and cant wait to eat a Strawberry cake! (A girl after my own heart!) She is in for a strawberry surprise soon!

She has been such a great helper lately. Her she is hosing down Taylors high chair in the backyard. He is wanting to feed himself these days--and WHAT A MESS!!

Speaking of mess, here is Taylor enjoying some mashed potatoes and some spaghetti.

He is going to be one on the 17th! This year sure has flown by! We have been blogging on this site a year now! Taylor is also enjoying the backyard like everyone else.

Its Spring, and we have been outside alot planting and getting the yard back in shape! We have some strawberries (we are about to eat our first one!)

We are growing some mammoth sunflowers, and we also scattered a bunch of wildflowers including some bluebonnets. We love this time of year. We also have some ladybugs! We buy them at the nursery every year! They are in the fridge, we need to disburse them soon! More pics to come!

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Crystal said...

Too cute!!!

Email me sometime because I lost your email address. I know you are shocked. :)