Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This morning.....

....I had all four kids at the grocery store at 7:30 this morning before I dropped the girls off at school. We had forgotten Emily needed to bring 4 oranges and Kayla needed to bring 20 platsic spoons to school today.
As we were heading out of the store, a lady stops me with a smile, and say "Do you run a daycare, or are all these kids yours?"
HA! I smiled, and said "Every single one of them are mine! But we run things like we're in a daycare!"

This is the life of a mom of four!


Becca said...

haha, don't you love it...hey, at least she stopped you with a smile! your kids are precious and you are a great mom, whether you look like a daycare or not :)

Crystal said...

It is amazing the comments people will make.

Lindsay said...

Man don't we feel like we run a day care sometimes though and I only hvae 3 but my middle can make up for a few sometimes!
Gotta love them!

The Gardner's said...

You're running one of the best daycares I've ever seen, thats for sure.
Your beautiful children are proof of that!

Anonymous said...

I heard that one myself on more than one occasion. I just always smiled really big and said, "No! That;s my family."