Monday, April 28, 2008

"What does that do?"

"What does that do?" is a question I get asked at least every half hour by Dylan!

Kind of cute, but requires lots of explanations! From irons to tractors to lotion to dishwashers. He is like a sponge soaking up all kinds of information!

This is Dylan working my camera while Im not around. I remember taking it from him that day. But I didnt realize he actually took pictures until I uploaded a bunch recently! Im afraid he is just like his daddy! :)


The Gardner's said...

I'm impressed that he took such good pictures of himself. These are the cutest!

Becca said...

that's so cute. he is such a sweet boy. i know what you mean though, it's cute, but sooo... time consuming. david is asking lots of, and some not so great...questions these days.

kathy Strickland said...

Dylan is pretty amazing! He observes,questions and then tries to figure things out for himself.

I like the way his brain works! I encourge you to keep it busy so that he will not find mischief. Who knows NASA might be knociking on your door to see who built the laser in the backyard out of household items! :-)