Friday, April 25, 2008

The Mad Dash!!

Today, we were at a wedding rehearsal (both girls are in a wedding this weekend). It was time for the dinner, and I had Dylan sitting at the table with me at my right, and Taylor was strapped in the stroller to my left. Dylan was eating, as I was spoon-feeding Taylor, while Joel and the girls were getting their plates. I kept my eye on Dylan while I fed Taylor. Next thing I know, I look over...and Dylan is GONE!

Quickly I look up and scan the room for him, then out of the corner of my eye- I see him making a mad dash for the exit door. (Mind you, this was at the same place and time the church we were at offers a meal to the homeless) I got up and yelled "Kayla, get over here and sit with Taylor!" then I made a mad dash after him in all my prettiness! He had exited the auditorium and into the foyer by the time I got to him. He had the biggest smile on his face!

Let me just tell you all, I was not a happy smiling mommy. Dylan got a big spanking, and had to walk all the way back to his seat at the table. The wedding party had watched me dash out the room and were wondering if I was okay, so when I returned, everyone had a smirk on their face realizing what had happened.

The moral to this story is....I dont think there is a moral to this story. Just wanted to share with you a glimpse of how Dylan literally "keeps me on my toes"!!!


kathy Strickland said...

Dylan "The Flasj" Strickland strikes again!

You have to admit that he is fast!! But he is smart too: he has to be watching and waiting for that exact momemt when he knows you are busy before he makes his move.

This is a sign of very clever fellow!

Tressa said...

Yes Kathy, you are so correct, he is very clever. He knew right when to take off.
Im trying my best to mold and shape this cleverness for the better good!

Becca said...

Oh my goodness! I totally understand though, we have a little escape artist in our midst too!