Monday, July 7, 2008

40 Day Fast: (Catch Up)

Okay, so I got a little behind. Here is the catch up.

Day 11The Least, by Steven. I really enjoy this guys writing and thoughts. What he wrote about is applicable for all of us!

Day 12 Students In Free Enterprise written by Tim. Such a great group of college kids jumping in to make a difference in their community.

Day 13 Sponsoring The Elderly Through CFCA by Mama's. Elderly in the USA get better care than Elderly in other countries. The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging provides an opportunity for people in the first world to connect with an elderly person in the developing world to provide them with food, clothes, medical care, the opportunity to be involved in social programs and (most importantly) to provide them with the knowledge that they are loved and valued.

Day 14 Lifestraw by Shawn. He did a video post about these special straws that filter dirty water and insure healthier safer drinking. He even demonstrates it on the video. You must check it out!!

Day 15 Saving The Children by Shaun. We agree with his view of parenting. Shaun promotes Compassion International. This organization is one of the easiest, most rewarding ways to help a child in another country. We do not sponsor a child through Compassion, only because we sponsor other families and children through our local churchs missions organization. But I highly recommend Compassion!

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