Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SCIENCE Experiments....

Every Wednesday in our home this summer is "School Day". Its a time to review subjects like math, reading, writing, history, and science. We call it exercising our brains.

Today, we all really enjoyed our science project, so much that we want to share it with you. This is definitely something you MUST try at home!

Today's Science: Layering Liquids

We got all of our supplies ready.(Food colorings, water, rubbing alcohol, dish washing liquid, oil, corn syrup, clear cups for pouring and a big cup
to layer the liquids)

We colored the water and alcohol with different food colorings then started to pour and layer 1/4 cup of each liquid into the cup. It made great looking layers.

The girls drew what the layers looked like in the cup and labeled them.
We discussed why the liquids didnt mix and used big scientific words like viscosity, density, and immiscible.

We shook up all the layers and
watched them go back into their places. We placed a portion of each liquid into a clear dish to explore with our senses.

In the end, we dumped it all into the pan and watched it all separate.

In summing it all up, I asked the girls what they learned, and one of them replied "All liquids are not created equal!"
It was such a fun expirement everyone should try at home!


Anonymous said...

i love it. just dont mix amonia and bleach together, that is a science experiment that doesn't need to happen at our house!


mideastmom said...


You also might want to try out the "Ocean in a Bottle" setup that uses these same principles ( I made these (in small, individual-size bottles) when I taught day care, and the kids absolutely loved them. An especially fun way to make them is to layer water, then oil, and then the food coloring. You shake and shake and shake the bottle until all of the sudden, the water turns blue (the food coloring finally "breaks through" the oil; not the scientific term, but you get the point).

You've inspired me. I have been kind of science experimented out, since I'm the science teacher during the school year, too, but we really should do some extra fun stuff like this during the summer.

Becca said...

fun! we are doing some fun science experiments in our house right now too! right now we are making an erupting volcano! fun, fun, fun!

kathy Strickland said...

Very good! Way to keep your children learning and curious!

Curious minds lead to discoveries and inventions to help us all

Foresterclan said...

You are too creative! I love all the ideas. Thanks!