Thursday, July 17, 2008

I LOVE this kid!

would have known our baby #4 could be so unique and loaded with so much personality? (I guess I just thought he couldnt get anymore colorful than the other three.)

First off, this boy amazes us with his blonde hair and blue eyes!

But not only that, he is a boy who loves his family, especially his big brother.

And food is a serious matter around here...he can clean up his plate in less than 5 minutes- he eats more than his big brother.

And my goodness, he is all boy and would rather be in the dirt/sand than almost anywhere.

Just like his family, he loves-loves the water.

Another thing I love about our tator-tot, is he is always doing something! Yesterday, I found him in the dryer. He was so proud of himself!

And today, he got new crocs. He was so happy to have them- he even insisting on holding them the entire was home.
(And had to see if they tasted good too-of course!)

Thank you Lord for giving us our Taylor. We are so grateful to have him each day! He has completed our family!!


kathy Strickland said...

Amen!! Taylor is the sweetest little guy! He does have personality plus!!

How wonderfully clever of God to add him to a tribe of truly unique personalities and bond them together with a great mutual love for each other.

All of your children are one of a kind that make life more interesting.

The Gardner's said...

He is a stinking cutie! I need to meet him......