Monday, July 7, 2008

READING and Favorite Books!

We do alot of reading, especially in the summer. We have a library of books- and its only getting bigger!

There are alot of great reading incentive programs for your children. (Especially in the summer time-check your local library) Our children tend to get motivated by these incentives. For instance, we will be going to Six Flags in a few weeks, both the girls got free tickets due to reading a certain amount last Spring. Barnes& Noble has a great reading program too.

So, here is some of our favorite current books. Maybe it'll inspire a new reading for you or your children.

Joel is reading a book called Heaven by one of our favorite authors- Randy Alcorn. It has a great perspective on what Heaven is like.

is reading Created For A Purpose by Darlene Sala. Its pretty inspiring and a very encouraging book. Its a book for woman readers. :)

likes to read these Highlights magazines we get in monthly. Its full of stories, poems, games, pictures, and even craft ideas, and coloring pages.

enjoys all of her Little Pet Shop books. Although she loves reading any book in this house.

favorite book is David Get In Trouble by David Shannon. You know, Dylan gets in trouble alot, I think he LOVES this book because he can relate. David Shannon has a series of the books- they are great! Dylan actually insists on going to bed with this book!!

loves it when we read him The Wheels On The Bus book. Its a interactive book, and we sing while we move the wipers, turn the wheels, etc. at the same time.

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Becca said...

we (joseph and david) are doing the reading club at the library this summer, they love it, especially since they get free tickets to the circus!