Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recent Amusements....

While the girls were spending the weekend at Pawpaw & Nana's, we took the boys to a local mini amusement park. The boys really really enjoyed that train ride!

Then, we left the boys with Pawpaw and Nana and took the girls to Six Flags and seriously had a blast. I love to take pictures, but we were so busy having fun- I only took four! The
girls were "of height" so we rode almost all of the rides.

Some phrases the girls kept saying during our time at Six Flags:

"That was totally wicked!!"
"Im thirsty"
"Lets do that again!!"

and my favorite....."Mom, please let go of me"

Here were our favorite rides:
Joel- Flas
hback (it flips you upsode down at 50 mph- three times forward and three times backwards!)

Tressa- Tony Hawk's Big Spin (Crazy uncontrollable ride that spins endless 360's at high speeds)

Kayla- Batman The Ride (hanging in the air going 50 mph and looping and winding)

Emily- Run
Away Mountain (All in the dark 6 1/2 story tall mountain- winding caves, you have no idea whats about to come next!)

Other Favorites:
Superman Tower of Power

Roaring Rapids

Texas Giant

When we got back to our car a little after 10pm, we realized that when we locked up the car around (2pm ish)- we forgot to take the key out of the door lock. So, for over 7 hours, our car keys were sitting in the key hole of the driver door. The girls were right when they said "God sent His Angel's down to protect our car!"


kathy Strickland said...

So glad everyone had a good time!! The girls are growing up so fast and I am so blessed that you were able to do this together for their first big time at Six Flags.

What a great memory for the boys riding a train!

What fun weekend for all the family!

Foresterclan said...

I love six flags!! I wish I could have gone too. Maybe another time.

We had a blast at the lake though.

Anonymous said...

For only taking four pictures, those are four really good pictures.
Tiffany Bonow

Mandy said...

Sounds like tons of fun but I have to say just the discriptions of rides makes me feel a little motion sick :)