Monday, August 11, 2008

Imperfection..and TWO weeks!

Numerous times I've heard people (who frequent our blog) tell me how perfect our family is, and marvel at how we do it because we look so put together.

Well, let me be the first to tell the world- The6Stricklands arent perfect!!!

We love this blog, and we love to highlight the good things in our family. But believe me-there are some not-so-goods in our family too- we just choose not to highlight them. :)

Also, whats seen here on the blog, only represents a little picture of our world! We experience lots of highs and lows in the Strickland home- just like any other family.

This is a picture of my kitchen- this morning!! I have done two loads of dishes since then- it looks alot better now! I could have taken more pictures of other rooms, but I didnt dare! This one was the best to share!

I mention these things because I dont want mislead any of you that we are flawless. We are a normal family living in a normal house, with normal issues!

With that TWO WEEKS the girls start back school, and shortly after that the boys start their preschool, I will go back to work (the same two days a week). It has almost ALL BEGUN!

We will be taking these next two weeks to focus on eachother, our home, organizing, and preparing our family for the school year. We are withholding from anything else that might inhibit us from these last weeks at home. (You might not see much action here on our blog until then)

Happy Summer!
(or whats left of it!)


Anonymous said...

no comments yet? im a little supprised! i can tell you that our kitchen looks that way more often than i would admit.

-jack ;-)

kathy Strickland said...

Tressa, it is in our imperfection, not perfection that we find God and realize his grace is more than sufficient for us.

Besides, you will not remember the dishes you washed or did not wash, you will remember the times you spent with your family and your children will remember that you made them feel important

Kesleigh Castle said...

I did the same thing this morning, except I'm buried under laundry! One load, I have to admit, had to be rewashed for sitting in the washer too long!

bri said...

love the dishes by the way... Hahaha. the color scheme is way cute. I have the same problem your other blogger has... the rewash of the towels in the washer... ugghhh mildew from being in there all weekend. OOOps that's why Johnny's not allowed in there. I didn't even know he washed them and then we were gone the whole weekend. ewwwwww to say the least. Good ol' baking soda and hot water.