Monday, August 11, 2008


Our sweet Dylan has perfected the potty training...but not the poopy training.

He absolutely WILL NOT poop in anything other than his pants!

HELP! We are throwing away lots of underwear.
(Cause sometimes I just refuse to wash it all out!) And we're having waaay too many toilet battles where he will sit and cry and cry insisting he cant "make a poo-poo".

Any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts??


gwsas4 said...

when you find out the solution, you let me know kuz we are having the same issues!!!

Foresterclan said...

Same here, sort of. We're starting the process and know we will have them soon!!

kathy Strickland said...

Get some of those peanut things you put in the potty and tell him that he is a pilot who needs to drop " a load" To the peanut ship below! :-)

Do you think he is afraid of falling in or that the water might splash him?

He'll catch on when he realizes that his tummy hurting means it is time to go.

Angela said...

We had the same issues with Grace...She ended up being 3 1/2 before she was fully trained but she finally got there. I really had to take control of her diet to make her more regular and also let her have control over whether or not she used the potty. She is so strong willed she would rather have held it than listen to me! He'll get it soon...Call me!

Crystal said...

Chocolate snacks afterwards always worked for us. :)

Tricia said...

We had that problem with Addi. I am sending you an email with my solution b/c I don't want to post it on here lest people think aweful things about us : )

Becca said...

We are having problems with Will too! He just refuses to go potty at all. He won't even give it a try. PERIOD! Joseph and David were so easy, but Will is making up for it. You'll have to forward me Tricia's email :)