Saturday, August 2, 2008

We "Took A Stand"

Thats all I can say. The lemonade stand was amazing. It was alot of work and HOT, but we raised $265.00 for the Rescue Center!!!!

The night before, I was praying to God, and had asked Him if He would please help us bring in just $100. (I really wanted to this stand to be successful). And I immediately heard the Lord say "Is that ALL your going to ask for?" And I reluctantly- filled with hope- asked "Okay, Lord, can you please bring in $200 profit?" Honestly, I just didnt have the faith to ask for much more. And look! He provided more than I even asked for. GOD IS GOOD! All we had to do was to be faithful and show up prepared to accomplish His will!

A BIG thank you to:
ALL of you who prayed- it made the difference!
Those who donated financially to the stand.
Antioch Community Church for letting us use the parking lot, electricity, and ice.
AnnaBeth & Jace for watching our little brothers during the stand!
Natalie at nwarddesigns for making our awesome poster.
The Lewis family
for loaning us your awning- otherwise we would have melted.
Payton- the lemonade Queen-
for coming to help us all day!
The Bathon bunch
for making the delicious cookies,
The Wallace family
who made the best brownies, and for all your service at the stand!
All the customers
who came out to buy from our stand!

We are so grateful- and are blessed to turn over the funds to the Rescue Center!

Finally, the pictures.

Here is a picture of the stand. We decorated it all nicely. The wind blew it down alot. We worked more from the table under the awning.

We sold lemonade, snowcones, popcorn, watermelon slices, cookies, and brownies. Look at the cute sellers- maybe thats why we had such a good return. :)

Here are a few happy customers.

When it got slow- the kids ran to the road with their signs to call for customers! It worked!

At times we got busy- and had a drive through going on!


haitirescuecenter said...

Thanks so much guys! You did a great job!

Foresterclan said...

I am thrilled that it went so well!! PTL He ALWAYS goes above and beyond what can ask, imagine or hope for!