Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Most Beautiful 3rd Graders Ever

So today was the day, the day our two beautiful girls went to 3rd grade. It was a perfect morning and always bitter sweet to see the girls head into the school all by themselves. (me taking a pic from my car window)

Its tradition to take a few pics of them the morning of their first day of school.
They are growing up and becoming more and more beautiful.

This is Momma getting sentimental..
(Tator Tot wanted to be apart of all the hugging and kissing towards the end too.)

And this is Daddy getting silly with the girls. Of course!


Becca said...

those defininetly are some beautiful 3rd graders. way to go girls, we are proud of you! can't wait to be you neighbor! :)

kathy Strickland said...

I hope their day went as well as their morning: filled with love and kindness.

God has blessed with two beautiful and sweet girls for sure!

Mandy said...

I hope school started great, I am sure you will both have a fabulous year!