Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 miles- accomplished!!

Look at our fabulous riders! Their faces are beaming with accomplishment! Of course- they all just finished the 10 mile ride! WOO-HOO!
Really, it was a piece of cake for all three. They were finished a little over an hour and a half. GO TEAM STRICKLAND!
((Jon and Ashley- you were TRULY missed!!))

Here are some pics of their journey. Papa and I would sort of run ahead of them throughout town to get pictures.

Riding downtown (their favorite part of the ride)

This is the three crossing the finish line!


Becca said...

YAY! Way to go! I'm sure I couldn't ride 10 miles...definitely not with energy to spare!!! You guys did awesome!

The Gardner's said...

Go Stricklands! What a great experience!!! You guys are awesome!

bri said...

That is so much fun for the girls to do that with their daddy. Oh my goodness. What an accomplishment. They truly look happy and satisfied!

oh and by the way the picture of them crossing 8th street, the building in the background with the green and white striped awnings is where I had to take Moe for his visits... it is the CPS building. hahahaha I thought it looked familiar.

Jon & Ashley McP said...

I can't wait until Molly can go on a ride with Jon - we will have to come back for a WWW reunion one year!! - Have fun at my parents in a few days!!

Foresterclan said...

It makes me sad that we didn't do it :( Especially after all the fun the girls had riding today!

You always fo all the COOL stuff!

BTW.... I miss you too!

Tricia said...

INCREDIBLE!! Way to go. That must have been so special for Joel.