Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spelling List and Poop Progress!


I was shocked when I saw the spelling list the girls brought home. We have to be so proactive at home with studying, reiterating, memorizing, and practicing. The list isnt too bad, but they throw in some tough words everytime!

So here is the girls list this week.
embarrass-- the hardest one!

We do all kinds of things to make learning spelling words fun and learnable. You have to get creative! Maybe I will post later a few fun things we do. (Pretend spelling bees, posting words all over the house, playing games, etc) Im so proud of these girls, such hard workers!


Each day for the past five days, Big D has worn the same pair of underwear all day long. No accidents! WOO-HOOOO!! He is starting to get so excited when its time to go, he will say "My poo poo's coming, its coming!!" Im super proud of our big man!

How we made this happen:
~LOTS OF CONSISTENCY, no slacking! We put underwear on him, even when we knew there might be a mess ahead. Be alert knowing his poop times and store up on patience!!
~Honestly, Big D was completely aware of his bowels, it was time to be strict on the training. So everytime he pooped in his pants, we cleaned him up in a cold shower. It made the cleanup less fun and really motivated him to not poop his pants!! He would say at times in a whiney voice "No Cold Shower!!" It was finally working.
~After lots of times trying and trying, sitting and sitting, he finally did it. I had shown him a small piece of chocolate he could have when he pooped in the potty. I think he was more excited about the candy he won than the fact that he pooped, there was a CELEBRATION in our house!
~Now, when his "poo poo is coming" and he goes on his own, we reward him with a hershey kiss. Once they run out, we will stop rewarding him, ang by then, it will be a normal occurance!


gwsas4 said...

Oh my, Tressa, I LOVE those spelling words because here are a few from Aidan's list:
North America
South America
etc, etc, etc. I hear ya, girl, on the studying hard! If we miss a day, we're REALLY behind!

Yea for pooping in the potty! I'm REALLY, REALLY happy for you - and a little envious, I must confess! But, Nathan is usually about a month behind Dylan, so here's hoping! I put the Skittles out! He was really frustrated when I wouldn't let him have one today for pottying! Now, they are pooping Skittles! ;-P


Tressa said...

Oh my goodness! WOW! Thanks for helping me gain perspective on the spelling list! HA! I have nothing to complain about do I?

Dont be envious- its around the corner-Nathan will be pooing before you know it!

kathy Strickland said...

The girls are very hard workers when it comes to school. Kayla loves to write stories and Emily loves reading so spelling is a part of their hobbies.

Yeah Dylan! He is a fast learner when it gets down to it. I am very proud of him and you guys for sticking with the situation until victory

bri said...

Love the cold shower technique... That definitely must have catapulted him onto the other side of pooing in your pants. Bear was 7 mos old the first time I noticed the face before hand and I rushed him to the potty and he went on the big potty. I celebrated but knew that I would not have it that easy hahahaha. I have to wait until he is playing intently and gets up to go by himself before final victory is set. We will work on walking first.... y'all. You are a wonderful mommy.

carlisle clan conversation... said...

AWESOME!!! That is great advice on the shower...I'll pass that along, and store it in the memory bank if I get blessed to potty train again (we want to adopt).

Love, love, love all your posts!

Becca said...

We are in the same boat with spelling words. We come up with lots of fun ways to study them too, chalk in the drive way, dry erase markers on the fridge, making up songs, silly string, typing them, shaving cream on the table, flash cards, etc, etc. is cool too, especially when i want joe to work on his own.

congrats on thee poo poop success!