Saturday, September 20, 2008


We are so undeserving- yet we continue to be abundantly blessed.

Joel and I were going to nix doing anything "special" for our anniversary today because we are saving for a big trip to Washington in a few weeks. (Woo-hoo) We even had offers to keep our kiddos. (You know who you are--Thank you!)

Well Friday evening, Joel had a conversation with my mother in law, and at the last minute plans were made for them to come stay with the kiddos for a few hours while we spent some time out together-alone.

ALL day we wrestled if we should continue on with these plans. After lunch, we had finally settled on going out to celebrate- even if it wasnt big. We had a coupon for a free burrito and thought we'd go share a burrito and chill for a few hours.

To our surprise--God had bigger plans.

Today, a dear friend (who I might say her and her husband are the most compassionate, kindest, giving, and humble people we know) decided to bless us with a gift card to Logan's Steak House. I just cried when Joel told me what had been dropped off. Oh yeah, we were now celebrating big!!

Well, just in case you may or may not know, Logan's is one of our favorite places to eat at to celebrate special occasions. We never go there unless its a birthday or anniversary. (Ate there for my bday in June, ate there last years anniversary)

SO not only were we blessed with dinner, it was dinner at our favorite place for such the occasion. God is so good!! He knows the desires of our hearts and He wants to bless us all more than we could ever have asked for.

We are so grateful. Thank you friends for letting God use you to bless us beyond imaginable. And thank you Willie and Kathy for making it possible. We are so BLESSED!!!

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Mandy said...

God is so amazingly good! I am so glad you guys were surprised with a blessing - you deserve it :) happy anniversary to two very loved people!