Monday, September 29, 2008

BOYS!! Take Two

Well, just when I thought this boy couldn't look any worse...its gets worse.
Big D's nose was healing up just nicely- when yesterday I caught him throwing bricks in the back yard. I made him put the bricks down..I came back in to finish sweeping the kitchen and I immediately hear a shriek and crying!
Evidently, he threw up a brick in the air- and it landed on his eye! It became swollen and his sockets turned blue.
Today its looking much better, but he still looks like a poor battered little boy! I promise we dont beat him!!


The Gardner's said...

Oh my goodness, how SCARY!!!! Uggh. My stomach dropped when I read that. Thank Goodness he's okay. I am so not prepared for this boy stuff. :)

bri said...

Is he going to have to come live with the Wachsmann's for a while and let mommy and daddy take some parenting and abuse classes...hahhaha.

He is waaayyy too cute... boyishness and all!

Angela said...

I guess he learned a "hard" lesson! Sorry, I had to go there. I believe in natural consequenses in these cases and I would say he found his. I used to worry about taking my girls to the dr because their legs are always so bruised and battered but he told me one time that it is the sign of an active and inqusitive child so I relaxed. Miss you!

Becca said...

like you said, you just don't understand until you have boys. i used to always worry about the boys bruises too. we're glad he's okay, poor guy.