Thursday, October 2, 2008

DC: Day One

Today was quite eventful. We all arose at 5:30 to gobble breakfast, get dressed to drive off a little after 6am to head to the airport.

We flew two airplanes, rode lots of commuter trains and took a ride on a big truck thing that connects to the all of the airport, then disconnects, lowers itself down with some kind of hydraulics and will commute you to your terminal. Needless to say- its be very adventurous!

Then we got in a car and suffered the Washington area traffic. YIKES! I thought I knew what traffic looked like until today!

But most of all, we are settled in a lovely home, with nice fall like weather, and great hospitality. We are so blessed by the Head family.

A few funnies:
~Throughout our journey to DC, people kept giving us candy. I dont know why, I guess they thought the couple with four kids needed candy??
~Big D and Tator Tot both kept passing gas in the airplane, and I mean FUNKY gas. At one point, I was so embarassed about all the stink, I looked around to see if anyone else was noticing and a two ladies behind us both had their noses covered by their sweaters. I didnt know if I wanted to laugh, or hide.

Tomorrow will be a day of exploring! Will most more to come!


bri said...

love it!!!!

Angela said...

You just gave me the biggest chuckle! Potty humor is alive and well at my house! Could the funky gas be caused by all the candy? And you were probably thinking the last thing you wanted your kids to have right then was a sugar high? Have a blast - I'll be praying for you!

kathy Strickland said...

Glad you all made it to DC! The journey there in itself sounds like a true adventure. I am sure Dylan enjoyed all the different modes of transportation.

As for the gas, "Better out than in their little tummies"

We are praying that you have a blast and enjoy yourself greatly. Missing you already!

Jon & Ashley McP said...

Have a blast!! Wish I could be there - tell my dad to be nice:)

Mandy said...

I'm sad to know that the boys got the Strickland gas gene! We can all relate. Poor little guys (Mom, and ladies behind you too) their tummies must have been in knots about all the excitement.