Saturday, October 4, 2008

DC: Day Three

WOW! This day came and went! We need two more weeks here to be able to really soak it all in.

Today we visited the Smithsonian Museums, we spent most our time in the Museum of Natural History. A very cool place! We took lots of pictures! One of the girls (mom included) favorite things at the museum is there is a butterfly hall, where you can walk in and be one with the butterflies. We had them flying all over us, some in our hair, on our shirts, one even in Kayla's hand. Pictures will come later!

We also spent some time at the Capital. Then we ventured through the US Botanical Gardens. BEAUTIFUL! I really wished (and Nana wished too) that our backyards looked like the gardens!

Then Nana graciously kept the kiddos while Joel and I got a date in Maryland. It was lovely! We had brick oven pizzas at a local Italian restaurant. Its nice to be alone without the kiddos!

Tomorrow: time at the Eastern Market, the Space Museum, and at the Lady Bird Johnson Park- another full day!

A FUNNY: Today we decided to eat a picnic lunch at the Mall. Which is a park like area of trees and grass between at the memorials and museums. First off, the girls thought we would be having lunch at the Mall- where Sears is located!
But thats not the funny. We sat under a tree, and PLOP! Bird poop! We looked up and realized we were being watching by dozens of assorted birdies. They wanted our food, and were daring enough to come close and steal off a piece. We started throwing food to them and acquired a nice crowd of birds. The food wouldnt even get close to the ground before it was gobbled up- they would grab it mid air!


bri said...

hahaha it is probably like the waco grackles...

That is to fun. I can picture a fun romantic setting with a huge brick oven and candles... sounds romantic anyway...especially the part of being ALONE!!! hehehe

kathy Strickland said...

sounds like fun! I bet the children were entertained by the birds and all enjoyed sharing their food.

glad you got to have a date while there: yeah Nana!

Don't forget Maryland is known for its Chowder!