Monday, October 13, 2008

DC Pictures: Traveling to and fro!!

((This is DC Pic Post #3. Read more here about what in the world that means.))
Just the traveling and transporting to-in-from Washington DC was so much fun.

Our Dylan is in a phase of transportation la la land- where all he wants to play with is cars, trains, and airplanes. So this trip was for him, and we think he got waaay more out of our travelings than he did of anything else.

All in all, we rode 4 airplanes, rode lots of buses, numerous-too many to count metro rail (train) rides, a cool mobile lounge, and in the Heads van with the GPS we named Marg-which was always fun- she and Joel took us safely all over the place!

Of course the airplane travels were so much fun too! This time around Dylan really enjoyed the ride and he and all the others loved seeing all the plans during our layover in Atlanta.

But we really enjoyed our metro adventures.

The Washington Metro, or simply Metro, is the rapid transit system of Washington DC and neighboring communities in Maryland and Virginia, both inside and outside the Capitol Beltway, and is the second busiest in the United States behind the New York City Subway.

Riders enter and exit the system using a stored-valued card in the form of a paper magnetic stripe farecard. This method tracks the balance paid to Metro, as well as the rider's entry and exit points. We bought the 7 day fast pass- with unlimited metro services anytime.

So needless to say, we rode it ALOT and loved every bit of it. Riding the metro brought back lots of fond memories of when I rode the TUBE during my time in London. Same concept, same type of system.

Here are three videos to sort of capture the experience of getting on and off and back to the streets.

This first video is us waiting at a station (underground) for our train to come in.

This second video is us riding- and getting off a metro train. The station we were stopping at was the Smithsonian Station.

This last video is us exiting the metro station using our fast pass card, then riding the escalators up to ground level which was right at the National Mall in front of all the Smithsonian Museums.

Here are a few pictures of the metro system and us!

Our home away from home.

The Head family kindly offered their Maryland home to us while we stayed in DC. Not only was it a beautiful home with lots of space and beds, it was a grandparents home!! The basement was full of play cars, toys, a table, a cute tent house, and lots more, there was plenty to eat and a library of movies and books. We essentially were at home. The kids would play away while we cooked our meals. We only ate out 5 times, and had most of our meals cooked at the Heads home which made the trip even more affordable!

We are forever grateful for the Head family!

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Becca said...

sounds like fun, and what a beautiful home. sounds like a wonderful vacation!