Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DC: Day Six and home

We are now home- sweet- home! It was a long journey and as Joel and I climbed into bed around 1am he said "I feel like we just traveled across the country to get home" and he was right- we did travel across our great nation and we all were greatly pooped out!

The last day in DC, we left Taylor behind with Nana and went into DC one last time. It was nice- we had no strollers, bags, etc. to drag along.

We took two tours- back to back. One was a tour of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. We got to see how money was printed! Too bad we couldnt take any pictures inside but took a few of the lobby and outside the beautiful building. We learned some interesting facts I will share later about our nations currency.

Then we took a tour of the Washington Monument. Which I think we all agreed- was our favorite monument of all. It was breath taking and worth the headache getting tickets and waiting in line.

After all the tours, we said goodbye to DC and hopped on the Metro for the last time of the trip and headed back to the Heads home to prepare for our journey home.

We borrowed our sister in law's camera and downloaded the pictures today. We took 405 photos of our DC Adventure!! It will take some time sorting and posting pics. Im sure there will be plenty of pictures posted for quite sometime here on the Strickland Site.

Stay tuned, we even took some video to preserve some of our DC experiences and share here on the site. Lots of pictures and videos to come!


kathy Strickland said...

It is so good to have you home! Hope you will be able to catch your breath and get back to your routine without much trouble.

Enjoyed seeing you all and getting to hug you.

Love ya

bri said...

yay you are home now... Can't wait to see some great photos and videos to boot.

I am certainly glad that you all got the most out of the trip...

Becca said...

glad y'all are home. sounds like you had a blast and learned lots of new things! can't wait to see some pictures!

Mandy said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a GREAT time! I have to say I am glad to read though that I am not the only one who takes TONS of pics! Can't wait to see them :)