Friday, September 19, 2008

Tator Tot!

Our little man has been up to a lot lately.

We finally got his first haircut. Doesn't he look so handsome?

He is such an active guy! He really enjoys his preschool and playing with his friends. At home he insists on playing outside- he'd rather be out than in.

Since the girls and I have been practicing alot on the piano, he has taken up an interest as well.

It still seems like he needs a bath after each meal- he is soooo messy. This is where we do a quick cleanup.

We sure are enjoying our little tator tot!

Recently, I was digging in all of our old photos the other day(25-50 year old pictures) And I found this picture. (I took a picture of it with our camera) This is Cindy, Joels biological mother who passed away from cancer when Joel was a young boy.

I was SHOCKED! I showed it to Joel and he was SHOCKED! Can anyone guess who this looks like? Taylor! I wish I could find a picture of him with this same expression on his face (mouth open). And before we cut his hair- it flipped just like Cindy's. Taylor even has the same exact eyes!! I always- ALWAYS thought Taylor looked like our Pawpaw Barnes (Cindy's father). This is a picture of the two over the summer. Theres no denying it- he is a true Barnes boy!!


The Gardner's said...

Man oh man, he's cute! I can see the resemblance in both of them-how neat is that?
He is adorable-and I still haven't met him in person! :(

kathy Strickland said...

I think it is so great that you found that picture! Tater Tot sure does look like Cindy!

What a gift of love from God that memories of cindy continue to live through the grandchildren.

Tricia said...

He does look like Aunt Cindy but in the picture of him playing the piano, I think he looks exactly like Joel.