Thursday, September 27, 2007

100 MILES!!!

Joel, aka daddy, will be cycling in the Waco Wild West Century on Saturday. The Waco Wild West Century is held each year to promote bicycling, and bicycling safety. There are several routes you can ride, and Joel has chosen to ride the 100-mile Presidential Tour, which will take him on scenic roads throughout our area. It passes by the Western White House, and through the oldest state park in Texas, Mother Neff Park. He will also get to stop and rest at the Masterfoods USA candy factory, home of Skittles®. Which means-FREE CANDY!

We are so proud of our dad. He has become such an amazing bike rider! We have no doubt that he can conquer 100 miles!

We will check back in and post the results! Plus pics of our daddy in leotards!

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kathy Strickland said...

Yeah Joel! When you were a kid, I thought a bike was glued to your bottom. You,your brothers and cousins rode all over the place.

I know you will do well!