Sunday, September 9, 2007

Number 8!

"Dont be cheap." these are the last instructions i recieved before being relesed into the world of blogging. This of course was preceded by, "here is the spell checker. you'll need it."

I have to say, it was pretty bold of my wife to allow me to post ANYTHING. Of course, that is one of the reasons i am so attracted to her. She is bold AND beutiful. That wasn't cheap was it? und i shur dont need no spill cheker.

i have to say, i love my wife. she is everything that i am not. most of which i need. I am blessed to be her husband. no. really.


Crystal said...

Way to go Joel!! Is that Tressa in the picture?

Becca said...

that does not look like tressa at all, what a funny pict. sweet post, joel, i'm proud of you :)

art girl said...

What a fabulous idea. I love the pictures. It's so fun to see how our lives change over the years. As I type I tunes is playing "Love moves in Mysterious ways." Hows that for timing? Michael English... is that dateing myself. yieks.

Tressa said...

YES thats me folks! Funny, I doubted that was me when a friend recently found that photo and gave it to us. BUT that was my FAVORITE dress to wear. If I was wearing anything else- I would have doubted, but that dress was my staple!
Funny timing Art girl!