Sunday, September 9, 2007


* * * TEN YEARS TRIVIA * * *
Okay, this is how you play the trivia. There are several statement/stories written below about our past ten years. All are true but one, you have to guess which one is false!
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Click on "comments" link and post your answer-which statements/story you think is false. If you dont feel comfortable leaving your name just leave an answer. We want to see how well you all really know us!! We will post the answers in the countdown day #3.
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When we were 17 and 16, for Valentines Day we both went and got our belly buttons peirced.
For our 7th anniversary we traveled by to see all the places we (together) ever lived at.
At one time, we both owned a "his" (1993 GoldWing) and a "hers" (2002 Honda Shadow VLX) motorcycle.
We never wanted to have a ceremonial wedding, Tressa's mom talked us into it.
Our highschool nicknames were rooster-Joel, and lucky-Tressa.
F* Both Joel and Tressa worked together at a Texaco Gas Station.
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kathy Strickland said...

I believe that #C is false. You and Joel owned the Shadow motorcylce because I remember you riding it to work when you first moved to Waco!

Tricia said...

I was in my own little world in middle school at that time so I don't remember much about those early years. I know Joel has done some crazy things but I'm guessing maybe not getting his belly button pierced...simply because (and no offense meant) I've never known of a guy with a belly button ring.

Becca said...

hmmm....i don't remember you guys ever working at a texaco.

art girl said...

My vote was for working at Texaco. Everything else I can believe. You've sure had some spice in your lives kiddos. I'm lovin Joel's hair in those early year pics.

art girl said...

but after reading Kathy's answer maybe I should change it ;-O

Crystal said...

I think F