Sunday, September 9, 2007

Number Four!

Artifacts FOUND in the memory treasure chest!
We have kept a special treasure chest of memories of just Joel and I. Here are some favorite and old artfacts I wanted to share with all of you!

This is some artwork done by Joel in HIGH school in art class.

You can see what
was on his mind!

If you look close, you can see
a "J" for "Joel", "T" for "Tressa",
"R" for "Rooster, an "L" for "Lucky",
And a "A" and "J" for our alias names
we used when we went on secret missions!

This is the letter I wrote Joel on my last night living at the Methodist home in Waco. The next day I moved back home, and was happy to leave the M.H., but sad to leave Joel in Waco.

This is an original nostaglic invitation to our wedding ten years ago!

I'll try to post more artifacts later in the week!


Crystal said...

I love that you still have your love letters. You guys should still write them to each other.

Mandy said...

So I just checked in on the count down and it is kind of freaking me out because I remember this stuff! Congrats on 10 years!

rooster said...

Dear TRessa,


Luv Joel

agent J said...

how was that Crystal?

Mandy, it kinda freaks me out too because i don't remember half of this stuff. :-)

Tressa said...

your a dork joel.

kathy Strickland said...

I think somewhere in old tax records, we might have a copy of a long distance telephone bill that let us know exactly how serious things were between the two of you when you moved back to Arlington. Ha!

I remember that you and Joel had fallen asleep talking to each other one night. I told Willie "I think Joel really has it bad for Tressa"

Not long after,he moved to Arlington to be near you!

Joel was not one to take love lightly...he knew he loved you and he committed himself to you even then.

We have been blessed to watch your love and commitment to each deepen over the last ten years. We have been blessed to see your commitment to God as a couple deepen as well.