Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well, this is the last post before the big 1-0. What do we have left to say?

First off, thanks for coming by and walking through the past ten years with us, its been a blessing to have been able to share this with the world, because we are so proud of this grand accomplishment - celebrating ten years together.

But we both have to testify, these ten years wouldnt have been possible without God. We have made so many mistakes, but He is always forgiving and always faithful. I'm still not sure how we got it so good: A happy marriage, four healthy-beautiful children, a supportive family, amazing friends, Joel has an excellent job, we own our home, have nice transportation, and always seem to be able to eat, and have nice clothes, and enjoy hobbies together. What more could we ask for? We declare that GOD IS GOOD!

Nor would these past ten years have been possible without all the family and friends that have come alongside of us. You all have contributed to our lives in one way or another. We are so rich in relationships and we look forward to another decade of the same and even more.

Tomorrow- September 20th- our anniversary
, we have a special post in store for you. Please make sure you stop by and leave a comment--it'll be sort of an interactive post!!

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