Sunday, September 9, 2007


Joel's ALL time favorite picture of Tressa!

Tressa's ALL time favorite picture of Joel!

* * *The answer to Countdown # 5 * * *
A.True, we both got our belly buttons peirced at Valentines Day.]
B.True, for our 7th anniversary, we drove all over Texas to visit our homes of the past.
C.False, we did not own motorcycles at the same time! We actually had these two motorcycles in our possession, but not at the same time, and we didn't own the GoldWing-Joel's dad did!
D. True, we never wanted a ceremonial wedding, wanted to elope! We thought it would save time and money! We sure are glad we had a wedding, thanks MOM!
E. True, our highschool nicknames were Rooster and Lucky- we were such geeks!
F. True, we actually both worked at a Texaco gas station. One of our very first jobs. Joel was a Lube Tech and I worked in the back and sold Texaco collectibles, you know the nostaglic Texaco signs, and such.


Crystal said...

Man, I was wrong on the trivia. I love that picture of you too. Very photojournalismitic (nice word, huh)

Dad/Willie said...

I am loving this countdown and all the memorabilia. What a blessing it has been to see you too grow in your love for each other and for the Lord Jesus.