Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 Strickland Christmas Card

Again this year we went to and logged into their photo services. We were able to make this card online by uploading the photos from our computer. Then we sent the card to our local HEB for printing. An hour later I got a confirmation email that they were ready for pick up. I picked them up and payed for them with a few extra groceries. TREMENDOUS! The envalopes came with them and the cards were inexpensive too! I LOVE a good find!!


mideastmom said...

"A few extra groceries"? You're a better woman than I. I went to the store last night for sugar, cheese, and kids' toothpaste and spent $83. :-l (Micah said at least it was within our grocery budget for the rest of the month. :-)

bri said...

I am so doing that next year. This year was a joke. I mean I love our pictures and MPIX is now my favorite place to order them but pictures plus cards hahahaha. it is so much easier this way!

love the pictures! They are great. What a beautiful family!

Mandy said...

Love it! Precious pics capuring the family!