Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PART 1: Christmas

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas at our house. We started putting everything out the day after Thanksgiving- we just couldn't wait!

We had our annual "F
amily On The Roof" moment. Interesting enough- the boys were NOT excited about being on the roof. We had the girls on the roof at this age- and they were just as estatic as they are today to be up. And finally this year- momma went up too for a minute- dont care to share the pics though!

We put up our tree. Nice thing- I hardly had to do a thing, the girls did a major part of getting the tree up and decorated. Even the boys helped put up the ornaments. All those pretty shiny balls are PLASTIC! A neccessitity- especialy when I catch Taylor throwing the on the tile to see them bounce!! We have our train track up under the tree- but with two young boys, we cant keep it out on display, we get it out on occasion for fun. It was passed down to us from Joel's grandfather- we need to keep it in good condition!

One new thing we have this year is a Christmas clock. This was given to us by a very dear person. On the hour- the clock will play a Christmas song. Its been such a sweet sound to have in our house.

Kayla made her very own Advent Calendar. This calendar corresponds with her school curriculum. Five days of the week- we are to open a number, and review that Christmas symbol. So far we have learned about the Advent Wreath, the Christmas Tree and ornaments, and today we are discussing Christmas baking. This has been really exciting to be able to work around this unit.

I have a few more festive things and pics to post about- but very little time, will share more soon!


The Gardner's said...

Love it all! Especially the Advent calendar Kayla made. Maybe she can teach me about all of these things. You are so creative, it never ceases to amaze me!

bri said...

I really want to know about the family on the roof thing! That is so much fun.

Love the clock. Any idea where it came from (store wise)?

Anonymous said...

it started in 02' (or 03'?) I was putting the lights up on our first house and Kayla and emily were BEGGING to climb the ladder and get on the roof with Daddy. Our first house was a SINGLE story with a SHALLOW pitched roof so we let them. Afterwards it became a tradition even though we now have a TWO story house with a MUCH steeper roof. Tressa, do you think we might have an old pic of the girls on the roof?