Sunday, December 7, 2008

A happy homeschooling momma

NOTE: This post is geared more towards homeschooling- not all might be interested in such a post.

I have been given lots of great resources by fellow homeschooling moms. Below are a few of my recent favorites.

School Express (click on it to check it out) I like all the FREE fun worksheets and printables that I can use to supplement in with our work. Especially the FUN writing ideas. The site also has plenty of Thematic Units and Activity Fun eWorkbooks, as well as supplemental eWorkbooks for each subject.

(cute name-click to check it out) This is a big networking site that not only has great educational resources, it also has support groups, classifieds, chat rooms, and oh my goodness so much more! I like how its a constant updated site, right now Christmas resources are up, and they also have a free planner organizer for the new year to use.

The Home School Mom
(click to check it out) Their site offers a monthly newsletter that gives out fun resources, they also have support groups, spanish lessons, homeschooling planners, lesson plans, articles and lots more.

There is a WEALTH of homeschooling resources online! You just have to know where to find them. I have been so happy to find and use all of these great websites with our schooling!!

Any homeschooling moms know of any other great sites?


mideastmom said...

Well, my very favorite is But I might be a tad biased, since I'm pretty attached to both their curriculum and their forums.

Honestly, I'm pretty boring and non-creative and don't tend to supplement much (nor am I good about doing projects, much to my children's chagrin). I'm more likely to get stuck in a rut and camp there.

There are a couple of sites that I've found useful, though. Great for pre-reading and early-reading. Magdalyn enjoys it, even the levels below her reading level. My kids are forever leaning something new playing on here.

And now I use Rod & Staff math drills (because Miquon and Singapore don't do math fact drills), but I got some great supplemental worksheets before I discovered the R&S books.

Tressa said...

I have heard alot about Sonlight, I need to check it out.

And we LOVE starfall, what a GREAT website!

Never even heard of Rod & Staff- will check it out too!


Foresterclan said...

You ROCK!! I love these resources! When do you find the time to look?!? Thanks for posting the links!!

Foresterclan said...

You ROCK!! I love these resources! When do you find the time to look?!? Thanks for posting the links!!