Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas: Part 2

Traditions are so much apart of our Christmas season. From baking, to giving, to decorating. We LOVE to celebrate this time of year.

Here are a few more pictures of our Christmas.

I love to bake + our kids love to bake= lots of baking!!
Here is our annual gingerbread house. This year Big D was able to participate, I think he ate more candy than he put on the house!

Plus we like to bake and give it away. We have a family friend who is hosting her family for Christmas, dont you know that could get pricey! SO, we made a few jars of goodies. (These are Clean- old pickle, applesauce, hotsauce jars) We made a pancake mix, an oatmeal raisin cookie mix, and a hot chocolate mix.

Its so much fum to see the girls wanting to decorate the house, seriously, they are so festive and crafty. I think they get that from their daddy. ;)

This the second year to wrap our door. Kayla did a majority of this wrapping! Isnt it beautiful, I might not take it down after Christmas!

A sweet older woman named Alice made my mom a stuffed Santa. If you pushed his nose- it would sing "Jingle Bells". Its about 20 years old, and my mom passed it off to me. This is such a precious Santa and we have no idea what to do with him around Christmas.

WELL this year- the girls had a clever idea about putting him up in the window in our stairwell. We never use that window, and its so high up and everyone can see it from the window. We have gotten so many comments on him this year!

Every year I enjoy putting out our Nativity sets, although NOBODY plays with mommas set, which is displayed nicely on the piano. We have a fun plastic set for the kiddos to enjoy. You will notice that baby Jesus is MIA, we find pieces of Nativity all over the house!!

We didn't put our stocking on our fireplace this year because we are using it so much for heat- so we decided to hang the stockings off of a shelf. Kayla and I decorated these stockings when she learned about St. Nicolas and the legend of him throwing coins down the chimney into the stockings.

Notice the snowmen on the shelf. I made the one on the far right our first year married..I also made the fat one in the middle. My mom made the small one to the left, and the small one to the right reminds me so much of my tator tot- round belly- red cheeks and a sweet smile! The globe is a family favorite. It winds up and plays music. It has four snowmen in each globe- representing each kiddo! I had to put it high this year- I caught Dylan with it several times trying to "make it music".


kathy Strickland said...

Great gift ideas! I know that your children really enjoy the Christmas season for so many fun reasons.

you are not only making traditions.. you are making great heart memories

The Gardner's said...

These are so great, your kids are so lucky to be able to make all of these memories:)

bri said...

I think they get it from you! You are crafty and creative!

love your family!