Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas on 5th Street

Last night I took Emmy out on a date to BU for their annual Christmas festivities. We had SO much fun!

We saw a live Nativity Scene, complete with camels and donkeys. We enjoyed the petting zoo full of sheep.

We watched a portion of the Selah Christmas Tour. This band has such talent and beautiful music.

We also stood in line for an hour to ride a horse and buggy. It was what Emily wanted to do- so we did it. (This is us on the carriage ride

We did lots of other things like enjoy Hot Chocolate and cookies, see Santa (even though Emily knew he wasn't real) and watched some Steven Curtis Chapman LIVE. Later I asked Em what her favorite part of the night was- she replied "Spending time with my mommy". She is such a JEWEL!


Foresterclan said...

Looks like you had fun! We weren't brave enough to go out in the cold. (one more bonus to soon living a few miles north of the equator :)

kathy Strickland said...

What a great "Girl's Night"! I am glad you and Emily were able to enjoy yourselves.

I know it was something very special to her and will stay with her always.

And she is right: her mother is a jewel.

Mandy said...

I am so glad you guys had fun, sorry we never caught up with you!