Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A funny that'll last a lifetime.....

Dylan has a personality of his own. He has his own ideas and he does just what he wants to do. He doesn't conform much to what other people are doing or want to do. (Hopefully that'll last through his teenage years right?)

Well in preschool this Christmas, his teacher thought it would be adorable to make an angel ornament with a picture of the kiddos dressed up as angels with wings and wearing a Christmas tree headband instead of an halo.

Dylan was NOT up to that at all, and it took her sometime to finally talk him into taking a photo. She told me how proud she was that he gave in and "participated".

On the last day of preschool, Dylan had a bag full of goodies, crafts and ornaments (including the angel ornament).
At home we went through the items together and I "ooohed" and "aaaahhhed" over all the stuff. I finally got to the angel ornament and (knowing how he reluctantly participated) was about to cheerfully aknowledge the special ornament when he grabbed the ornament from my hand and said in a very deep tone with a frown on his face "Mommy, Dylan didn't want that" and pointed to himself all dressed up.

It was such a funny moment- but felt I needed to keep to his tone and validate his feelings. I did share with him how happy I was he took the picture anyway, we put it on our tree for everyone to see- for many many many years.

Here is the ornament hanging on our tree. (Click on the image to see his facial expression- he's just not good at hiding his feelings is he?)


The Gardner's said...

That is the BEST!!! I wish I could get a copy of that for my own tree. Classic :)

Becca said...

hmmm, sounds like a little boy i know :) he's super cute in thepic though!

mideastmom said...

Love it! Better than a smiling one any day.

My mom's theory (along the lines of your predictions of Dylan's teenage years): difficult to potty train=easy teenager, easy to potty train=difficult teenager. Why? The first could care less about pleasing others, the second cares too much. She only had two kids to flesh out the theory (and both played out the theory perfectly), but lots of other people she mentioned it to confirmed it.

So far, I'm 2 for 3.

bri said...

Okay yeah I think I would have had to agree with Dylan on this one! Cute picture but c'mon there is a boys dignity at stake here!

Funny story you can share as he gets older!

kathy Strickland said...

Dylan did not want to be embarrassed. His Daddy was like that too.

It is not so much not wanting to participate as it is not wanting to appear foolish.

Dylan does make a cute angel and will enjoy the story of the ornament in the years ahead

Tressa said...

Meg- Dont worry your tree will be full of priceless treasures of your own! What are you doing this Friday? Are you home?

Becca- yesssss- they are alot alike in some ways!

VERY interesting theory mideastmom! I think I might have to agree with that one! Whenever your in town- you guys can come play with our Daisy dog!!

Bri- Dylans teacher is great! Its just that sometimes she just has ideas that dont coinside with the Dylanator!

Tressa said...

Yes Kathy-- Joel is STILL that way. If he doesnt want to do- he is more than likely NOT going to do it.
I remember in High School, he would never give into peer pressure to do things that were stupid to him (like drinking, smoking, etc)
We hope ALL our children will be the SAME way in this regards! Not like their momma! :)